Peppone, the artist who didn’t want to grow up

“I have known Peppone’s works for many years and they have naturally found their place in our galleries. Like many, I was first won over by the first degree of reading his work, which consists of immersing oneself with humor in a bath of childhood. “It’s not an intellectual art, it’s not the goal because it would prevent you from letting go” he told me during our first meeting.

The second degree is more complex, more insidious because by placing the heroes of our childhood in situations with iconic references, Peppone makes us want to remember the strength of certain photos, films, posters or historical events that have draped our own personal construction.

Thus its improbable mixtures penetrates you by the roots of your own culture while preserving the essence of the original subject, which made the great History. We smile as much in front of the tenderness of the Simpsons in Michelangelo’s “creation of Adam” as in front of his so light way of revisiting the cult cover “Abbey road” of the Beatles.

Today, his works surround me and looking at them reminds me at all times that if you leave childhood behind while growing up, childhood never really leaves you.”

Francois Chabanian
Chief Executive Officer
Galeries Belair Fine Arts Group

Peppone is present in more than 40 galleries around the world.

In France, in Paris, as well as in Saint Tropez, Cannes, Monaco, Courchevel, Megève, Lille, Honfleur, le Touquet, Cap Ferret, les Sables d’Olonne, Saint Paul de Vence and Aix en Provence.
In Europe, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, England, Luxembourg and Portugal,
Abroad, in Miami, Dubai, Shanghai and Mauritius.

Peppone exhibits every year in around twenty contemporary art fairs across Europe (France, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Italy and Monaco).

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